Kindergym Classes

Are you looking for a safe and fun activity for your baby or pre-schooler? SSTGA Kindergym and Little Stars programs follows the Kindergym philosophies with theme based lessons to allow children to discover and learn whilst focusing on enhancing brain development and physical skills.

Little Stars Kindergym 18 months - 3 years

Our 18 month – 3 years classes are professionally developed to ensure that each activity is purposeful. Educational research tells us that children learn best through exploring and discovering their abilities through physical activity. SSTGA ensure children can experience a wide range of movement activities and be encouraged to think, create, construct and solve problems with their bodies. Active participation from the child’s parent or caregiver is essential.

Kindergym 3 years - 5 years

Our 3 – 5 year classes are professionally developed to provide children with a combination of parent assisted and independent learning. Children participate in this program with the assistance of their parent or caregiver, who guide the child through each of the circuits and activities. As children become more comfortable in the class we encourage parents to take a step back and allow the child to take more instruction from the coach. This program gives children the opportunity to practise skills and develop skills which are needed for play in the playground, which we believe is an essential to childhood skill.

Class Times

Little Stars Kindergym
Tuesday 9.30-10.15am
Friday 9.30-10.15am

Tuesday 10.30-11.15am
Friday 10.30-11.15am

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